Cedar Hill BBQ Fans

Hey, Cedar Hill. We heard ya’ll have a taste for great barbeque! Well, our family has answered your wishes and we have placed a convenient location for Cedar Hill BBQ fans. Check out the map below. Stuff a potato with some pulled pork, slap some brisket on a sandwich, or serve it up Homestyle on a plate with some sides. It’s up to you! Got a hankering for a whole lot of flavor in Cedar Hill? Our menu is loaded to the brim with traditional and Soulman’s-created recipes that keep even the pickiest of eaters coming back! We understand that Texan’s are hard to please when it comes to bar-b-que. We should know, we are too! That’s why we’re all about giving our neighbors a high quality and delicious meal for the best value.

Hey, meat lover. Do you like ribs? Yeah, you do. Lucky for you, barbecue in Cedar Hill is always top notch at Soulman’s. Rib lovers rejoice at our St. Louis Style ribs. We particularly chose St. Louis style because we believe our customer’s deserve more than a small mouthful. Smoky, tender, and just darn delicious, the search for Cedar Hill BBQ ends here.

Time-honored Tradition of Cookin’ Bar-b-que

Our time-honored tradition of cookin’ bar-b-que low and slow gives our tender meats that extra edge to send you into hickory-smoked bliss. Our menu includes highly sought-after Beef, Sausage, Hot links, Ham, Pulled Pork, Turkey, Chicken, and St. Louis-style Ribs. Build-your-own plates are piled high because “we’re not stingy with our meats!” To further invigorate your Cedar Hill taste buds, our meats are hand sliced to order just the way you want it. Whether it’s lean, regular, or with a little extra flavor, our team serving you will give you precisely the cut that you crave. For ribs as tender as your mother’s heart, our St. Louis-style racks have the sticky-goodness and Texan-approved spice to get your mouth watering. Try ‘em once and you’ll understand why our popular ribs always deserve a spot on your plate.

Stuffed Big Time Taters

Baked potato fans rejoice to have their potato transformed! Other than the traditional piling of fixin’s on a classic baked potato, our huge Double Barrel Potatoes are our favorite Big Time Taters that we stuff just the way you like. Choose from any meat other than chicken or ribs and we’ll load your potato up tall and add your choice of toppings. Impressive as a side dish and satisfyingly filling on its own!

Our Homemade Sides

Our homemade sides are prepared in-house alongside our bar-b-que, keeping up the Soulman’s approach to provide the freshest meals to our friendly neighbors in Cedar Hill. Hearty ranch style beans, gooey mac and cheese, and creamy mashed potatoes and gravy are only a few of the options to add on to your plate or gobble up on their own. Just wash it all down with our famous Texas-style sweet tea and you’ll be planning your next visit.

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